So He Cares is a community interest company established by committed educational practitioners in 2014. It is committed to providing learning and social support for young people, particularly those with learning difficulties and those experiencing social deprivation and disadvantage.

The organization was initially motivated and established following the personal experience of the founders, who met little adequate provision for local children who either had special educational needs or were experiencing life challenges.

So He Cares provides:

  1. Inclusive daytime learning and developmental activities for a range of learners with learning difficulties and/or experiencing disadvantage.
  2. After School learning and activities, particularly in relation to Literacy and mathematics.
  3. A Support hub for Parents

The organization now works and engages mainly with communities in Rainham, Barking and surrounding neighborhoods, although the geographical range of our pupil intake is steadily expanding.

So He Cares aims to give to fulfilling the lives and general expectations of learners with needs in an inclusive setting. We use multidisciplinary approaches to learning to build self-confidence in the lives of all our learners. These methods are geared towards developing social confidence and other skills that enable social inclusion and young people capable of contributing to society and benefitting from its rewards.

Currently, there are no services such as ours !! Frequently other settings tend to separate learners with disabilities from those without, learners in both groups often have limited opportunities to develop typical peer relationships with each other. However, we believe that diversity, bringing together children with different abilities is a key contributor to social cohesion.

With highly developed expertise in a range of fields, SHC provides guidance and support to all our Learners, Parents and the community at large.

Our services also extend to delivery of specific programmes for the community, adequately responding to needs identified. We aim to continue to develop and deliver the subject-specific services that are most valued by our communities.

With our partners in Africa and project experiences in the United Kingdom, we work effectively and efficiently.

Our pledge is that we will continue to develop and deliver the subject-specific services that are most valued by our related community.